Introduction: Red+Roses+Rain

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Had a little rain the other day...perfect setup to capture some beautiful red roses. For best results, click on "i", then select "large".



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    Can someone help me out here? There seem to be a HUGE influx of posts that are pictures of what people have made or whatever, but not actually instructibles of any kind. Why is that? Has the purpose of this place changed & I just missed it...?

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    This is a "photo instructable", not a step by step. The project? Growing flowers and or making a garden. Then "making" the photographs of the project. A fine line to some, perhaps, but if it had been titled: "How To Grow Roses And Photograph Them", and instructions were given, would that enhance these pictures in anyway?

    It wouldn't have enhanced the photos, but it would have possibly given useful instruction to others.

    With a photo instructable you can't even add steps, just lots of pictures and the Intro section. More of a show than a "tell".

    The photos are great. To make it an "instructable" you could add, camera & lens used, filter, speed etc. All of your posts are great, just add instructions of some sort to keep everyone happy.

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    Keep up the good work. Started when you posted the instructable on the workbench. I too am retired & planning lots of projects when we get back to a house after a few years traveling the USA.

    These photos are beautiful! Only, I think that you should have put this as a forum topic.

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