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Introduction: Redesign My Study

This is a step by step process of how I redesigned my study in my house. The attached images are the final design.

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Step 1: Current State of Study

This is what my study looks like right now before I redesign it. It is full of mess and not well organized.

Step 2: Dimensions

After measuring the dimensions of the room, I made a brief sketch of the layout on a note card.

Step 3: Early Designs of Structure

After I had the dimensions of my study, I used those to make a quick sketch of the layout in SketchUp

Step 4: Actual 3D Model of Room

Then I raised the walls of the sketch and played around with a few items of furniture inside the room. I eventually decided on an orange couch and entertainment seat facing a television with a pull down projector as an option too. I even kept the same desk and computer in the corner because this is still supposed to be the same room it was before. Besides, that's a nice desk. The television is hooked up to a cable box and Xbox 360, both located in the closet. Finally, I painted the walls a cool blue to contrast the bright orange of the couch. This is a major improvement of the current room because it allows for plenty of space to work and be productive, while still leaving room for entertainment and leisure. 

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Good instructable! I like the modification of putting a projector on the ceiling.