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Introduction: Redirecting a Light Switch

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This is a simple solution to the problem of inconvenience with a misplaced light switch. My roommates light switch has been strategically placed in the corner of his room, behind the door by an ingenious electrician. As a result, the person occupying the room must enter the dark room, averting disaster and avoiding the many obstacles in the way, to simply flick a switch, turning on the lights. To solve this dilemma, I will simply redirect the switch to a more appropriate place.

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Step 1: Step 1: Components

8 eyehooks



Electrical Tape

Scissors (or any cutting device)

Step 2: Step 2: Placing the Eye Hooks

Place two eyehooks above the doorframe, one at each corner.
Place another eyehook on each side of the door frame, at light switch level.
Place an eyehook above and below the light switch.
Place two eyehooks where you would like the new switch to be.

Step 3: Step 3: Cut String

The string needs to be cut into two six-foot pieces. These pieces of string will be the on/off switches.

Step 4: Step 4: Pull String Through Eyehooks

Simply run the string through the eye hooks one by one until you reach the light switch.

Step 5: Step 5: Attach String to Switch

Using electrical tape, connect the two strings to the light switch, cut off any extra slack.

Step 6: Step 6: Enjoy the Improvement!

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As a trained electrician, seeing a switch on the wrong side of the door like that gives me a bit of a nervous twitch...

Anyway, nice fix, but personally I would have just rewired the switch to the correct side,

That's a fricken hilarious quick fix. I love it, very ghetto!!

Another solution - new door hinges and have it open the other way. It may not have been the electrician - since the door would likely have gone on after the wiring - it's the genius who put the door on at fault.

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no, the door should open towards the wall, as it does. it was the electrician, he should have thought of that.

Agreed, this is definitely the electrician's fault. The door opening toward the wall like that is pretty standard.

I've done this for my dorm room, so I could switch the lights on and off from my bed. One thing I can't comprehend, are the geniuses that design a bathroom next to or behind a kitchen. It's sick! Who wants to smell a bathroom at mealtime? Those two rooms should be on opposite sides of the house.

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With the exception of the shower because then you can make bacon while in the shower & who doesn't want bacon right after taking a shower.

chances are they're cheap and skimping on plumbing . . .the kitchen and bathroom both need piping so placing them very close together means they can be both very near the main pipe and require much less in the way of materials, design, and engineering . . .yay laziness right?

I did this in junior high in my bedroom, so I could turn the light on and off from my bed. I like reading before going to sleep. Although I didn't put as much thought into it at the time and ended up with two pull-ropes snaking around my room; one for "on" and one for "off". Anyhoo...

Might a more elegant option be to simply flip the hinges on the door?

Oh, and I used thick fishing line for less visibility, and a pair of "charms" on the ends.

You should find a cool way to cover this up (sorry I don't have any suggestions)

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why not rig it to turn on the light when you open the door. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out, just a few minutes of thinking about it should do.

dont blame the electrician, blame the carpenter who installed the door. . . nice mod. i dig it.