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Introduction: Rediscover GTA 5

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Released almost 2 years ago, to universal critical acclaim and to a large number of controversy, it seemed unlikely that anyone would get bored of GTA 5 and put it on the shelf to collect the dust. A unique and highly engaging story line featuring three characters – the Sopranos-like Michael, troubled teenager Franklin and meth-head Trevor – the game keeps it fun, satirical and addictive for whole time. The shift to large open world allowing player to roam freely and discover hidden treasures that developers left hidden around the world makes the experience non linear. And even if you have finished the game and you think you have seen it all, you should look in to the whole new side of the game - game filled with secret bonuses, missions and "Easter Eggs". In this guide we will offer you a new look at GTA 5 and list some of the best bonuses it has to offer. And if you are not completely sure you should start from the beginning, check out the unofficial trailer above to feel the passion again!

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Step 1: 30 Cool Little Things

Discover those small things that developers left for you to find in the game:

  1. Burning rubber (or doing other attention-getting things) will make NPCs to whipping out their phones to film you.
  2. If you pull up to a red light in a sports car next to someone else in a sports car and rev your engine, they’ll often burn out and race you when the light turns green.
  3. The mouse clicker in the in-game internet isn’t a pointer finger - it’s a middle finger.
  4. Hikers on top of Mt. Chiliad take pictures of the view with their phones.
  5. You can send other characters in your address book your hunting pictures, and they all text back with unique responses. Most of them angry or confused.
  6. If you try to snap a picture of a street performer without tipping them, they get angry.
  7. If you “accidentally” run over Michael’s wife, both characters react with unique dialogue, and she later sends you an angry bill for her hospital stay.
  8. If you spend a lot of money customizing your car, random NPCs will stop and compliment you on it, and start snapping pictures.
  9. If you try to force Trevor to listen to certain kinds of music, he’ll get angry and override you, changing the radio station back himself.
  10. If you stop your car in the road and block traffic, drivers behind you will flick you off.
  11. Lamar ribs Franklin about his haircut at the end of an early mission. Later on, Lamar’s dialogue changes based on whether you changed your hair or not.
  12. Michael will confess to and discuss random events that just happened when visiting his psychiatrist, like sleeping with prostitutes or running over pedestrians.
  13. If you hail and hop into a taxi at the airport when someone was already waiting for one, they’ll get mad and shout at you, or try to pick a fight.
  14. When wading in water, your clothes get wet - but only up to the point you actually waded. The rest of you stays dry.
  15. Some character’s voice mail messages will change as the game progresses, depending on where they are and what they’re doing at that point in the game.
  16. When you get high as Franklin he will often become self-reflective and reveal his inner thoughts, including feeling as though he has no real friends.
  17. Trevor, Michael and Franklin all have different phones, aping iOS, Android and Windows.
  18. Walking on the beach, you might see a dog walking by himself. Later on, up the beach you’ll find a woman asking after her lost dog.
  19. Driving on the right shoulder ripples activates the right vibration on your controller. Driving on the left shoulder vibrates on the left.
  20. Cars get dirtier the more they’re driven - especially offroad. NPCs will comment on especially dirty cars.
  21. If you take Michael’s car as Franklin or Trevor, Michael will call you and yell at you.
  22. In a police shootout, if you shoot one officer in the leg another might drag him behind cover to safety.
  23. You can change your phone’s settings so it vibrates instead of rings when receiving a call.
  24. The moon phases change as the days and weeks progress, changing night lighting.
  25. NPCs will play full games of tennis, missing and hitting shots, with voiced dialogue about the state of the game.
  26. You can ride a Vinewood tour bus that visits lots of city landmarks, providing fully-voiced commentary on them the entire way.
  27. The GTA 5 subway, which you never actually need to visit, comes complete with its own sound effects, NPC behaviors, and over-the-air stop announcements.
  28. If you go swimming with Michael and track water indoors when Amanda is home, she will yell at you.
  29. If you shoot up one character’s house when playing as another, they’ll send you angry text messages.
  30. If someone is sitting in a chair, your melee attack can kick the chair out from under them.

Step 2: Find Hidden Packages

There are 12 hidden packages that can be found in the waters of GTA 5 world. Each briefcase contains a great amount of money that can be found multiple times. Eleven of the cases can be found next to the cool wreckage of boats, planes and cars. You will need diving equipment for your endeavors underwater, like scuba diving suit or mini submarine. Check the video for the tips about where to find them!

Step 3: Have Fun With Cheats

Not everyone like to use cheats, but who can say no to Superman mode or to owning billion dollars?

If you start the game second time it is a great experience to see the world of GTA 5 from different perspective. Use hacks to improve your gameplay. Fly, get awesome items or just bend the world with "Matrix" like powers.

You can find cheat codes at multiple websites. Checked codes can be found at:

Step 4: Cool Stuff You Missed in GTA 5!

So, you are not interested about all small tricks and cheats we have shown you? How about amazing yet secret stuff in GTA 5? Would you like to become ultimate hero of its world?

Here are few things that will push you towards reinventing gameplay again!

  1. Go Hunting. No, not for humans, but for animals. GTA 5 allows you to go for real life inspired deer hunting.
  2. Go to the movies. Bored? Watch few of the short films available in the cinema!
  3. Go to amusement parks. Ride the rides, eat some sweets and win prizes!
  4. Play some golf. Eighteen hole can be a challenge that will keep you busy for a while!
  5. Become next Federer. Play tennis whenever you feel like you need a break! This mod in GTA 5 offers great way to take a break and play an amazing tennis simulator.
  6. Fancy dart game? Have a blast with some proper dart game! Challenge yourself to the best score.
  7. Run a Triathlon? Sure, everything is possible in GTA 5! And while you are doing it, you will boost your stats as well! Just watch your stamina, it runs out faster than you might expect!

Step 5:

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