Redneck Fix for Camera Lid for Free!!




Introduction: Redneck Fix for Camera Lid for Free!!

As being a long term unemployed, because nobody wants to hire anybody with no professional experi...

I bought a bridge camera the past weekend in Wallapop (Craigslist similar in Spain) for 25€, the only problem, besides it uses AA batteries, is that the lens lid was broken (I nearly lose it on the beach where i bought it!) I'm a cheapstake, so I don't want to spend 4 bucks (if even more) in a aftermarket lid which, I don't really know if it will fit, so, it came to me how to fix it by spending no money (well, a couple cents maybe...)

Step 1: Materials You Need:

Zip ties (I had to use 2, depending of the zip ties you have and how big your lid is)

Cyanoacrilate glue

Sand paper (I used 100 grit)

Small snips

Step 2: Cut If You Need to

Carefully cut the small "hinge" or the remainings, with special attention to not break the "horns" base while you're cutting it (or who cares, the zip tie will cover it heh heh heh)

Step 3: Sand

Step 4: Zip It, Glue, and Cut the Zip Ties

Pass the cord through the zip tie, and glue it. I glued it all around the zip tie, but not the cord, just in case i want to remove it some day

Step 5: Done!



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    I'm having trouble understanding what problem it was that you fixed. I'd like to know more about what it does now that you fixed it.

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    I fixed the part that holds the string of the lid. I almost lose the lid in the middle of the beach, and didn't want to happen again. I thought it was a pretty easy to follow 'ible.

    Oh, thank you. Now I see. It's a nice fix for that. Simple and cheap. Nice. :)