Redneck Mouse Trap!




Introduction: Redneck Mouse Trap!

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Hey have you ever had a rodent problem while out in the sticks and didn't have any mouse traps handy?  Well here is the solution my redneck friends the Redneck Mouse Trap!

Sidenote:  This trap, like any other, does kill the animal.  If this offends you in anyway, please do not continue with this instructable, and please do not send angry messages.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed

What you are going to need is:

5 gallon bucket
Wire of some sort
Peanut butter
Stick or board or anything that will work as a ramp


Wire cutters (if your pliers don't already have them)
Hole punch or drill

Step 2: Drill 2 Holes in the Can

Ok take your drill or improvised hole punch and create two holes in the can.  One in the top near the tab (can use the tab hole just won't spin as well) and one in the bottom directly in the center.

Step 3: Drill Holes in Bucket (optional)

If you want you can drill holes in your bucket to hold the wire/can assemply suspended.  Make sure the holes are direct oposite of each other and about an inch or so from the top.

Step 4: Insert Wire

Ok now take a length of wire and thread it through the can.  Thread enough through so that the length of the wire is about 4 inches longer than the diameter of the bucket.  Now you have two options:

Option 1:  if you drilled holes in your bucket.  Thread the wire though those holes and then bend the wire around the lid and wrap the extra wire around.  This will lock it into place.  Reposition can to hang in the center of the bucket opening.

Option 2:  If you didn't drill holes in the bucket.  Measure out the diameter of your bucket and put 90 degree bends on each side face toward the ground.  Put the entire wire/can assembly on top of your bucket's rim.  Then firmly push your 90 degree bends towards the bucket, locking them somewhat in place.  Reposition the can to hang in the center of the bucket opening.

Step 5: Lean Ramp on Side of Bucket!

Ok so now take your stick or board or whatever and lean it onto the bucket.  Make it so that it is easy for the critters to climb up there and see the delicious bait waiting for them.

Step 6: Fill Your Bucket!

Now take some water and fill the bucket.  The amount of water can be tricky.  Too full, the critters may crawl out.  Too shallow they just get stuck in the bucket and might be able to jump out.  Until you find a water level that works for you.  I would err on the side of over filling.

Step 7: Bait Your Can!

Now it's time to bait that can!!  Take a good gob of peanut butter and spread it all the around the can.  What I have learned from experimenting is that you want to put a narrow ring of peanut butter around the center of the can.  This will force the critters to actually get on the can and off the wire.

Step 8: Hurray Now Your Done!

Ok so now your are done.  Step back and leave it alone for as long as you can stand to keep away!  When you come back there should be a few floaters.    Above I showing a quick explanation of how it works.  Enjoy!

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    Hello, already made a test this trap design? regards


    5 years ago

    "Like any other" you know there are some that don't


    6 years ago

    That is so good to take mouse


    6 years ago

    We just put a bucket under the edge of the camper and they fall in starve or kill each other or the chickens find them first and kill them


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Genius! I think this should work for ground squirrels too. Thanks D_ROBO!