Redneck Recycling and Fix for Free Loosy Tripod Legs



Introduction: Redneck Recycling and Fix for Free Loosy Tripod Legs

About: As being a long term unemployed, because nobody wants to hire anybody with no professional experience here in Spain, I have to tinker how to make stuff without getting broke, for the things that break down, ...

Recycling a chinese laser level, which is almost rubbish, i thought that the tripod could be worth, but it wasn't, so i had to fix it, and this is how i did it.

Step 1: Recycle

I had a laser level that i bought a long time ago at my chinese dollar store back around the corner, that doesn't work anymore, just one time to be exact, more than i expected for 3 bucks. So, I thought, the tripod will fit the new camera? And I was lucky, it worked! But, as the weight of the camera, it almost falls on the ground (i'm the new owner for two days by now, look how happy i'd be if its broken a million pieces) So, let's fix that.

Step 2: What'cha Need

Hammer (AvE's thumb detector)
Nails (i used 25mm)

Measuring tape

Step 3: Measure, Mark and Punch

I marked each 1cm. Doesn't matter if it's not a straight line, it matters it's 1cm each hole from the other

Step 4: File, and Punch Backwards

Step 5: Done!

Repeat the holes in all the legs, and slide a nail in the hole.

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