Redone Chippendale's

Introduction: Redone Chippendale's

Needed some chairs for my eating table. I can't really call it a dining room table but it's not a kitchenette either.
Basically it's an early 1900's Drop Leaf that some idiot put a poly coat on! either way got the table on the cheap and needed 2 chairs. I was out at a consignment shop and went downstairs and they had 2 Chippendale's for $15 a piece. They kind of loose and would need reupholstering but I thought I could fix them up and at $15 a piece I needed chairs.

Liquid Gold
Small Paint Brush and Stain to get into little nicks
Fabric ( $16 on sale Hobby Lobby )
Foam ( $13 with Coupon at JoAnnes )

So first order of Business was to Liquid Gold the chair, I do that to almost every piece of wood or even metal that I get.
then I took off the seat and removed the fabric
4 Layers of fabric all pretty much trashed. So they just kept going over and over it. This is actually good as to helping identify age. I figure reupholstered every 20 to 25 yrs. So might be 20 years older than I thoughts. Actually all screws were slotted except for one non original so another good sign!
Tightened up all screws, used some wood glue in joints also used brad gun in un noticeable areas to tighten the chairs up.
Reupholstered using new fabric and foam
Put back together and final picture is with my table

Don't give me slack for the fabric. I understand that Stripes or Solids is traditional for a Chippendale. These have so many flaws that there is no value to them , they are merely functional items to sit on and the fabric goes with my living room.

Final Notes: Probably should have replaced board as well but didn't have router to bevel edges so reused the orginal board , might have to redo later.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice job! Thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous day!