Redstone Clocks (Minecraft)

Introduction: Redstone Clocks (Minecraft)

This instructable will show you how to make various redstone clocks. Be sure to check out my other Minecraft instructable of a Bugatti Chiron tutorial.


*the supplies will be listed for each different clock*

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Step 1: Hopper Clock


Hopper, Lever, Comparator, and an item.

First, place 2 hoppers facing each other, as shown in the left image. Then, place a comparator facing out of one hopper and a lever on top of the other, as shown in the right image. Put an item (can be any random item) inside one of the hoppers, and you will see that the comparator will start turning on/off. That means it is working. Use the lever to turn the clock on/off.

Step 2: Comparator Clock


Block of your choice, Lever, Comparator, and Redstone Dust.

Place a block down with a lever on top of it. Next, place a comparator facing out of it. Make sure to turn the comparator on. After you've done that, put down 3 pieces of redstone dust making a circular shape around the comparator. Refer to the image if you need to. Check to make sure the lever turns it on/off.

Step 3: Hopper Timer Clock


Block of your choice, Hoppers, Comparators, Redstone Block, Redstone Dust, any item, and Sticky Pistons

Place 2 blocks 4 spots away from each other. In between those blocks, place 2 comparators facing into the 2 blocks and 2 hoppers facing into each other between those comparators. Place a piece of redstone dust on top of both the blocks you placed. On the inside of the specks of redstone dust, place 2 sticky pistons facing inwards. Then, put down a redstone block on the sticky part of one of the pistons. Lastly, put an item into one of the hoppers, and the comparators will activate every so often.

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    Please let me know what kind of Redstone/Minecraft related tutorials you want next! A heart is appreciated! <3