Redstone Landmine

Introduction: Redstone Landmine

In this instructable I will be showing you how to turn a redstone ore and a few other bits into a deadly killer! =)

This is a quick build that requires few materials and is great at preventing people from stealing from your mines or houses.

This principle could also be used for other things, such as opening secret doors. All you would have to do to change it into such a thing, is to change the TNT block to a redstone block.

For this instruction you will need:

- 1 Redstone Ore

- 2 Redstone Torches

- 1 Redstone Dust

- 1 TNT Block

- 1 Sticky Piston

- 1 Any Non-Redstone Block

Step 1: Dig a Hole

First, dig a 2*2 block hole to a depth of 4 blocks.

Step 2: Put Down a Block and a Torch

Place down a single block of any non-redstone type in the bottom corner. On top of that block, put a redstone torch.

Step 3: Add Some TNT

Put a TNT block next to your block on the ground.

Step 4: Add a Sticky Piston

Put a sticky piston above the TNT block, one block below the surface. Make sure that the piston is facing down, or the construction won't work.

Step 5: Place the Redstone Ore

Put the redstone ore on top of the sticky piston.

You could use other blocks, but they would have to be mined to activate the trap, using redstone ore allows the trap to go off simply by having someone walk across it.

Step 6: Put Down Some Redstone

Place a redstone torch and redstone dust in the position indicated by the picture, these will activate the piston later.

Step 7: Dig a Smaller Hole.

In the space adjacent to the redstone torch and redstone ore, dig a hole down 2 blocks. This will allow the piston to activate.

WARNING: the trap is now armed and will go off if you touch the ore.

Step 8: Cover It Up.

Destroy the redstone and fill in the top layer only around the redstone ore.
Be very careful to not step on the ore, as doing so will set off the trap.

You could use any block you want here, but try using the surrounding material, so that it blends in.

Step 9: Test It Out (optional)

Walking across the ore will set off the trap, if you want to wait for someone else to trip it first, you must be careful not to touch any part of the ore.

Step 10: Hints

Doing this in a cave makes it more effective, as a redstone ore in the middle of a field of grass is suspicious, but a redstone ore in a cave or mine is not.

It will be even more effective if you place redstone ores around it, and some other ores that the person will stop and take time to mine.

You can increase the size of the explosion by adding TNT around the places where the activated block will be, but don't put any by the redstone torch, as it will explode immediately.

If you liked this instructable, please vote for me in the minecraft contest, and leave any questions in the comments area, I will try and respond as quickly as possible.

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    7 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I loved that build! But I stepped on it and I've been blown to pieces!


    4 years ago

    Very nice. But I wonder is it not possible to put the tnt directly below the redstone?


    5 years ago

    I've been wondering how people do this thx!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I should use this mine for a way to to a chest full of diamonds!