Reduce Chances of Your Bicycle Wheel to Be Stolen

Introduction: Reduce Chances of Your Bicycle Wheel to Be Stolen

Hi everyone,

I will not re invent the wheel but just show you a very quick thing to do in order to radically reduce chances of your bicycle wheel to be stolen. I've been in Geneva (Switzerland) for 3 years and even if the city is more than safe, Someone managed to steal my wheel 2 times during the first year. Enough is enough; here is what I did and I did not have any trouble during two years: fingers crossed.

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Step 1: Intro: BOM, Compatibility and Other

This short instructable is only available for wheels with a quick release QR9x135 standard attachment.

What you will need:

4 M6x20 hex screw (metric M6x100 pitch)

4 washers

1 Tap M6x100 (once again/ metric thread ;) )

Step 2: First Step: Remove Wheels and Attachment

Nothing complicated here.

Remove your wheel and unscrew que quick release

Step 3: Second Step: Tap Your Hub

Just a quick word about mechanic standard:

When you tap a hole, the hole has to have the diameter of the tap minus the pitch.

In our case, diameter of the tap: 6mm

Pitch: 1mm

Hence: theoretical diameter of the hole: 5mm

So what about us ?

We are quite lucky, the hub has a 5mm hole for the axle, this is perfect:

Now, you just have to tap your hole.

For people who never did this before, three important things:

1. Try to center the tap and the hole, this has to be concentric as much as possible

2. Always use some lubricant on your tap and in the hole

3. When you tap, always turn 3/4 of a turn clockwise and 1/4 of a turn counter clockwise in order to remove chip from your tap

Step 4: Final Step

Now, you just have to put your washer, then your screw in the hub and mount the wheel

I hope it helped and have a good ride

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    3 years ago

    Hi, you could also just change the quick release part (the handle) with a nut. It might be nescesary to change the whole axle, but in most cases that's not the case.