Reduce How Many Times You Water Plants!

Introduction: Reduce How Many Times You Water Plants!

How to Water plants less Often Useing Water Pearls.

With this Hopefully you will have to water your plants 200% less often.

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Step 1: Gathering Your Materials :3

Dirt can be found Outside

Water Can be found From taps,Lakes,Hoses,Rivers...

Plants can be bought From stores Or Grown :3

Water Pearls can be Found at Wedding Stores (Stuff for Weddings :P)


Don't Buy them If they cost more than 10$

What are water Pearls?
Water Pearls are Little Rock like thing that Absorb water and when finished look like Pearls.

Step 2: How This Works?

Water Pearls hold water And slowly evaporate back to little rock like things.

So if you plant them In the ground they slowly Water the plants.

And then when you water your plants the Water pearls reabsorb water,It helps if it rains :3

so because the water pearls water the plants you don't have to do it as Often.

Water Pearls Can be Hydrated and then Dehydrated and then Hydrated 400-600 times

But if you keep them from fully drying out they ALOT longer

Step 3: Planting!

Step 1) Add water to water Pearls (picture 1 - 2)

Step 2)Dig a hole (picture 3-4)

Step 3) Add water pearls to hole (picture 5)

Step 4) Plant Your Plant (Picture 6)

Step 5) VOTE FOR ME IN THE CONTEST :3 want an instructables shirt

There is Also A Water Storeing Hydrogel

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