Reduce and Reuse That $1.75 Glass Bottle




2008 is a year where I pinch my pennies.

I have a nasty habit and love for Gold Peak Iced Tea. I buy one, sometimes two a day...every other day, with my lunch. They run me about $1.75 each.

Thanks you my dad...I'll always feel bad about throwing something of use in the trash. So...Reuse!

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Step 1: Collect All Your $1.75 Glass Bottles

For 2008 I've decided I need to pinch my pennies.

I have a nasty habit and love for Gold Peak Iced Tea. I'll have one, even two sometimes...daily. Sometimes every other day. They run me about $1.75 each.

So...for the last few months I've been saving them once I finish with the tasty goodness from inside.

Don't throw those bad boys out! Mine being Gold Peak Iced Tea bottles...they're like GOLD to me. I love these bottles. They're nice, tall. Sturdy! Forget plastic water bottles. GET GLASS!!!

Btw...You just paid $1.75 for a drink. You just bought the glass too!

The caps are nice and air tight too, good for resealing!

Step 2: Clean and Prep...

You'll want to wash out your bottles. I used pretty hot water. Like to know the germs are dieing. DIE GERMS DIE!

Ok...Now that the germs are dead. I continued to use warm water in the filling process. You'll want to fill your bottle up half way with some water. Then add your mix. Fill the rest of the bottle up, leaving a inch lip of air.

I used "On The Go Packets" for my mix. A box runs for about $3 I'm sure. But I'm sure a tub of cool-aid, and two table spoons per bottle should work just as good. I've just had these boxes sitting around from when I used to buy bottled water from the store. NEVER AGAIN!

Put the cap on. Wrap in dish towel if desired (I did this to help dry the bottle of any water...two birds, one stone) Shake it up...REALLY GOOD. I shook each bottle up for about 1 minute. The warm water helps disolve the sugar a bit.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Enjoy your drink!

I ended up with three different flavors. Put them in your fridge and enjoy them as needed.

I'm going to be reducing my Gold Peak Iced Tea intake. But each time will save the bottle. That way when Im spending the $1.75...I know I'll have just bought a bottle that I can reuse until it breaks. That could be my whole life!!!

Water is free...FREE...and I'm sure you can price shop flavored sugar. your bottles. You did buy them after all. Fill em up with some free tap water, add some sugar...keep em cool...and stay hydrated.



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      28 Discussions


      3 years ago

      So, if I understand this right (between the best of instructables and comments), SAVE your drinkable, glass bottles with lids; boil it all, as if canning; funnel in your favorite drink; let cool, so it will pop. Nice!!! Now, I wonder if Dollar Tree has a cozy (sp?) for this??????


      Obvious...yes...but, we live in America. People don't even know the word, let alone the meaning. You, It's Obvious that we're In the worst Debt ever. So...reuse glass...its better than plastic. Now if only the metal lids didn't rust. Anyone have any ideas for that solution?


      Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

      Did you ever get an answer to the rusting lid problem? I've been looking for a plastic or nylon lid for my glass Snapple bottles.

      You can find some reusable food grade silicone stoppers that fit, if you can buy them locally, they should be cheap.


      Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

      "love bottles" sells lids for their bottles, might work in yours. I have a bottle that the bottle cap is a sink plug


      Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

      Are you sure we live in America? I'm pretty sure that the fjord outside my window is Norwegian??


      Not everyone reuses, though they should. I agree it is obvious. Sadly, many people are oblivious though. I do like the idea of using glass over plastic. It lasts longer with heavy use, and you don't have to worry about chemical release into you drinks. Though the amount of chemical release from plastic bottles is negligible.


      9 years ago on Step 3

      Hey mate, I love what you're doing and the fact that you're environmentally conscientous.

      Couple of things I'd like to point out though; water isn't actaully free; you *do* have to pay for your utlities; or your dad does, or whatever haha.

      Next, if you really want to be efficient (I started doing this about last year in my 2nd year of university) you might consider boiling water, transferring that boiled water into glass water bottles (the scalding hot water probably kills more germs than just hot tap water, believe me, I can't touch the outside of the glass bottles after I've made the transfer). Then after a few hours, when the water has cooled down, I just drink it.

      Well, that's what I do anyways, since I always boil my water. Just a suggestion :)

      2 replies

      Reply 9 years ago on Step 3

      Oh, and I do this because living on campus is friggin expensive. They charge you like $1.50 canadian dollars for a 500ml bottle which is just rediculous. And because I don't like to waste glass bottles. :)

      Even though recycling is better than sticking in a landfill, reusing things is actually better than recycling them because recycling takes a lot of energy to process and transform material from one form to another.


      Reply 8 years ago on Step 3

      WoW!!! seriously, a 500ml bottle for 1.50 canadian dollars is a bargain!!!! In AUstralia bottled water cost like $5.00 australia money (canadian money is weaker than aussie money)!!! And its fake spring water!!!! Canadians should be thankful.


      Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

      I'm sure it's a fairly comparative statement. Tap water is .5 cents per gallon, give or take. When compared to bottled water which can run more than 7 dollars per gallon if you buy individual 20oz bottles, it's pretty much free. lol


      11 years ago on Introduction

      Actually this is a very good idea.
      You can keep the bottles even longer, maybe even on the counter if you sterilize them like jam jars. The warm tap water you used is not going to kill the germs like you believe it is, and sugar water is excellent food for them.

      Run them through the dishwasher(which gets extremely hot) or if you don't have one boil them in a big pot on the stove or in a pressure cooker(if you happen to have one of those).

      Prepare the punch using boiling water and flavoured sugar OR if you prefer JUST PLAIN WATER that is boiling. And then cap immediately, leave about an inch of head space(room for air in the neck). Use the original caps that have been 'cooked' like the water.

      The plain boiled water can probably be stored on the counter, the juice might be subject to botulism (which is a very serious food poison) so I would get a professionals opinion on that or store it for a limited time in the fridge.

      To learn more about this process, step four in the following instructable talks about sterilizing jars.

      Cooked jellies can be stored at room temp in sealed jars, but I have been told that the extremely high sugar content deters bacterial growth.

      Now I'm going to have to drink some bottled juice so I can do this too.

      1 reply

      Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

      Eeeee... Perhaps that's the reason my insides fell out :( Thanks for the info...though, I haven't used this method sense the post. It's good to be noted to other viewers. Just got a dishwasher baby does get pretty darn toasty.


      10 years ago on Introduction

      Great idea and pics. Now I need to get off of my lazy butt and do this.


      11 years ago on Introduction

      Nice idea though you also can make HV capacitors for use in tesla coils from glass bottles as well.