Reduce or Stop Google Group Email From Invading Your Inbox

When you belong to Google Group, the amount of email you receive can be overwhelming.  Some people don't mind large amounts of communication, but others of us may not welcome the great amounts of sharing of info.  So, here is a way to keep you involved in the group, but empower yourself by learning how to control that flow of info.

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Step 1:

First, scroll the bottom of an email from one of your Google Groups, and select the link 'for more options'.

Step 2:

Second, choose the my settings.  

Step 3:

Select membership and email settings.

Step 4:

Choose the drop down menu with email frequency.

Step 5:

Try the 'Don't send email updates,' or the 'Send daily summaries.'  Select whichever you want to try.  I hope you find this helpful.  Thank you for viewing my Instructable.

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