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Large Redwood Garden beds: Half day to select, load and deliver wood then a two day build (at least for me!) if working alone.

(Hope it's okay to have info on jpegs / pics.)

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Step 1: Lumber

We decided on true 2"x12" Redwood as it should last many years and bought enough to build 1 - 24', 1 - 22', and 1 - 12' all 3' wide

Step 2: Start

Set up line level. I decided that building them square and level, they would last longer and age well when settling.

(More on squaring corners next)

Step 3: Corners

Used 4"x4" redwood in the corners which gave more surface space and depth for 4.5" deck screws. Clamps tightened any gaps and held everything in place when screwing. Also shown are cedar spacers for leveling, then used bricks, rocks and clay soil to add permanence to the leveling.

Step 4: Redwood Weight

Had to prove how heavy the Redwood planks (AKA slabs) were!

Step 5:

Where the 22' and 24' beds met I secured with rebar and fastened with one hole electrical conduit clamps. Since May 2018 to mid Oct. 2018 and being filled with damp soil - no movement yet! You can also see the spacer bars i used to keep the beds an exact distance apart - 36".

Step 6: 12 Foot Bed

Same process with the 12' bed but easier with no center seam to join, no plants to step over (which is highly suggested!) and half the length.

Step 7: Finished

Working alone, it took the better part of two days and as you can see my Supervisors weren't much help! Last steps were to fill with a mixture of 80% compost and 20% worm castings, then fill paths with decomposed granite and top off with Douglas Fir bark. (Which my Supervisor then inspects and gave final approval!)

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    4 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Very nice Planters and the space around them and between look nice as well.
    The only thing i wasn't sure about was the length of them, i make these myself and i don't go any longer than 12ft, other than that a very nice build, and doing it all by yourself makes it extra special when finished. Well Done.

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks, We went with the 22' & 24' to save on the 4 extra 3' end pieces. True, the 12 footers may be more sturdy but I think it will be alright with the 4x4's and rebar where the center is joined.


    1 year ago

    This is really well done. I think adding text directly to photos is a great way to share details - I'll do that on my own Instructables sometimes. These are great looking planters and this is a nicely done tutorial too!!

    1 reply