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Lots of people love to collect old, vintage compacts, even just for decoration. But I bought one lovely, brass-plated powder compact off of ebay and decided it was to awesome not to carry around with me and actually use to powder my nose. So lets try and breath some life into this sucker!

Step 1: Gather Your Goods!

You will need :

  1. Old compact to be filled.
  2. New powder puff that fits.
  3. Loose face powder.I like Marcelle brand in translucent because I'm super pale.
  4. Rubbing alcohol.
  5. Small bowl and spoon for mixing.
  6. Dish soap.

Step 2: Clean and Sterilize Your Compact.

  • Mine came with old powder still in it , and I definitely do not want to try to use that! Germ city! So I took a knife and broke up and dumped the old powder. I used anti bacterial soap to clean out the powder and prepare it for the new stuff.

  • Most old compacts are brass- plated , which means you do not want to use harsh abrasives or you will ruin the finish. Just use dish soap and a soft cloth to gently rub off the grime and shine it a bit. When everything is dry, it is ready to refill.

Step 3: Mix !

  • Start pouring powder in your mixing dish ,slowly add rubbing alcohol until you have the desired paste consistency, kind of like icing. Your powder will look really dark as you get it wet. It will lighten back up as it dries.

  • You really don't need very much to fill your powder dish. They are very shallow. I mixed up way to much and had to put the left over into a small container to use later.

  • Spoon it into your powder dish. I used a baby spoon .Take a knife to the mix like you would when you ice a cake and just level it off. Carefully clean up the edges of the dish with a towel.

  • Leave to dry somewhere safe, overnight.

Step 4: Primp Ready!

Add your new puff and its ready for your purse! This would be a really great gift to surprise your best gal pal!

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7 Discussions

computer freak3

4 years ago

thanks so much this was really helpful I had two compacts that were collecting dust now I can use them again

Kris T.

4 years ago on Introduction

Beautiful compact, it cleaned up very nicely. Makes me want to find one and do the same :D (my compact is very modern, a.k.a. plastic).

For a while now I've had the urge to find an old snuff box and filling it with dried herbs or a cotton soaked with essential oils, to combat an offensive odor or allergies.