Refill Your "kids" Gogo Squeeze

Introduction: Refill Your "kids" Gogo Squeeze

FIRST: This is my first instrucable and any CONSTRUCTIVE critisisim will be happily accepted, here goes...

My Fiancee and I were shopping for groceries at a generic mega-mart today when she picked up a four pack of the "gogo squeeze" applesauce for our daughter, I noted the price and contents (4-3oz packets for $2) and moved down a few feet and picked up a 48 oz. container of applesauce for $1.50. at this point i thought what a rip-off, that brings me here.
What you will need:
empty squeeze containers(with lids)       $0
bulk applesauce (tastes the same)          $1.5
a turkey syringe w/ needle min size 1oz. $4 (if you dont have one)
two bowls                                               $0  (from kitchen cabinet)
some dish soap (opt.)                              $2-9

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Step 1: Step 1: Clean the Sqeeze

For this you need the syringe, the bowls, and the soap.
1: Remove cap from squeeze
2: Fill bowls with water put A DROP OR TWO of the dish soap in one.
3:(OPTIONAL) fill the syringe with the soapy water and add that one syringe full to the squeeze. Mix it around.
4:THOROUGHLY (if you did 3) rinse the squeeze with the syringe and the clean water.
5: Dispose of the water and put the bowls in the sink.

Step 2: Step 2: Filling

Fairly straight forward;
1: Inflate by blowing into the squeeze, or if you have an oiless air compressor with that. I obviously dont have one.
2: Suck up applesauce(with syringe not face ;))
3: Squirt applesauce into squeeze
4: Cap and refridgerate

If you already have some of these you save ~$6.50per case (each large applesauce can make 4-4packs)

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    You said you need "two bowels." I think you mean "bowls." ;)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Lol it was late and spelling escapes me at the worst times, thanks.