Refillable Compressed Air Canister




Included in this Instructable is how refill a canister with a hand-held air pump.

Step 1: Materials/Tools Needed

Materials Include:

~empty compressed air-canister: contain the compressed air

~bicycle inner tube 12.5": use the bicycle inner tube to get out the inner air valve (to pump air into can)

~epoxy glue: to glue the valve to the canister


~ wire wheel w/ battery-operated drill: used the drill to get rid of the rubber on the air valve

~hand-held pump: to refill canister

~1/4" drill bit: to drill a hole on the bottom of the canister

Step 2: Canister

Empty the canister by getting rid of the pressurized air. Since an air canister is expensive, use it to clean your keyboards. Once it is empty, it is ready to be drilled into.

Step 3: The Valve and Hole

The bicycle inner tube that was used was a 12.5" tube. By cutting out the valve from the inner tube use a wire wheel to get rid of the rubber on the valve. Once the canister is empty, using a quarter inch drill bit and a hand-held battery drill, drill a whole so that the valve from the bicycle tire inner tube will fit.
Placement of the hole can be where ever you chose. The place that I thought was best was the bottom of the canister. It does not show in the picture or when holding the canister. Nothing pops out from the side of the can as well.

Step 4: Epoxy

To seal the valve to the can, use a 2-part epoxy mixture. Once mixed, apply it to the valve and set the valve in place. Using a toothpick to get rid of the excess, and use a hair blow-dryer to speed up the curing time. Once it drys, it's ready to use!

Step 5: Refilling the Canister

By using a hand-held pump, pump into the canister and bam, you're done!

Step 6: The Video



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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago

    My father made one 40 years ago, if you use 2 valve posts inserted into the top of the can, you can then remove both valves and use one to fill it with liquid and the other as an air vent, replace valves and pressurise, and then you have a refillable can of what ever


    2 years ago

    Here is a video of one exploding, the first problem was encountered at 225 psi.


    2 years ago

    Do you know what the maximum pressure the can can safely hold? Since even little air compressors can produce over 100 PSI it would be good to know what the bursting pressure of the can is and then write on it with a marker so you don't forget. It is a good safty thing to do.


    2 years ago

    Great idea!


    2 years ago

    Looks like it worked but needs some more pressure built up. :)