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well I am a chief and I am currently running a sports bar and grill. Its a great place with awesome owners and I do the buying and stocking of items. One thing that costs quite a bit is soap for the hand washing sink the foaming dispenser kind, it cost 10 times as much as 4 gallons of pink pot and pan soap which works way better at getting grease and oil off your hands. To save some money and clean my hands better I opened the disposable soap pouch and fit it to be refilled and its very easy and my salesman don't like it .This may be useful to someone if they work in a kitchen or just happen to find a dispenser to use at home.

Step 1: Empty Soap Bag

The soap is empty. OK get another one , no more or just don't clean well enough. Perhaps you don't like throwing everything away then Refill it, but it is disposable and you cant. Oh but you can with about two minuets time .

Step 2: Cut It Up

there is a plastic holder on the bottom make a line on the side where there is no pieces to hold it in place . use an razor knife or steak knife to cut the plastic holder being careful not to puncher the bag or break off any tabs

Step 3: Take the Ring Off

Gently pull open the plastic holder ring be cautious not to break it . Twist off cap from soap bag.

Step 4: Refill and Reinstall

fill it up with your favorite liquid soap and put cap back on and plastic holder ring put in soap dispenser

Step 5: Wash Hands of This

Wash your hands you now have foamy pink soap .



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    usually you can get a free dispenser if you buy a case from a supplier talk with your local resturants or bars they might be able to proqure one for you