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Introduction: Reflective Hoodie Design

About: I'm Industrial Designer from Universidad de Guadalajara in Mexico. About to finish my studies and being specializing in footwear design.

Dream it, Draw it, Wear it....

This is a design that i've made inspired by people who loves sports, like running, walking or cycling. It's something that i always wanted to design, and add some details as the texture and the reflective lateral and front material, to make something different and not as usual.

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Step 1: Vector

The first step is to create a vector or download it from some internet source. I prefer to draw so I get closest to what I am looking for aesthetically.

Step 2: Sketch and Color.

The next step is to divide your sketch depending on your design and fill it up with the colors you are thinking. For me it's worth to use a gradient and a complementary color that works together with the gradient for this design in specific.

Step 3: Texture.

The next step is to upload or create the texture that is going to be use. In this case I create a grid texture inspired by the Fencing uniforms and i will combine it with the gradient to get a cool colorway. Also, I will create a clipping mask with a trim of the texture that is going to complement the gradient.

The gradient is going to be changed to a multiply transparency mode. So it gets combined with the texture.

Step 4: Details

The final step is to add some details and put the sketch together. My design has lateral and front reflective material, so I make a path to represent the material. You can also add some shadows and highlights to make it look more realistic and tridimensional.

To finish, you will follow same steps to create the back view and you will have your design done!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Note: I could not use Sketchbook Pro because my student trial version has already expired, that's why I submit for the contest, so I can keep the hardwork with Sketchbook! :)
    Thanks for voting! greetings.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is one of the only entries worth voting for...that's how I spent my vote. Love the idea and it looks awesome as f*ck! :)


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much, I really appreciate your words! hope i can do it great!