Reflex Sight With Parallax Effect (left Unfinished)

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Intro: Reflex Sight With Parallax Effect (left Unfinished)

So, In 2012-14 I made a few (3) reflex sight clones but never clicked enough photos to show the whole process or working model.

I disposed them off when my rifle's piston broke

The above are the 2 types of design I thought of and the only photo of one of my reflex sight mounted on an air rifle, which is powered by 9 volt battery

maybe you guys could improve upon them and come up with something better

Step 1: The Process

The above photos are the only things left of the reflex sight.



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    Suraj Grewal

    2 years ago

    I might make it again temporarily with Lego just to show you what it feels like. ;-D