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Hey guys!
I know its a rare thing for me to name a gun something other than Competitor or Rival, but that is because I plan to start a new line of knex guns. Reflex is an attempt at more realistic gun movement. This one in particular had it's sights on the way a real gun has slide movement that realeases a shell or casting.(I'm not a gun guy, can't you tell.) Anyway I wanted it to act more like a real gun meaning my perfect thought of this gun is semi-automatic, shell ejecting, and hand magazine. I managed one but the other two are way beyond me.

If the Blue Mullet would post his semi-automatic blowback pistol I could possible fuse the two together but we're still waiting for that....

The gun you see here doesen't make that movement but I'm still revising it, so who knows what will happen next. I did get this gun to function the way I wanted it to, slide action minus the shell ejection, but it's range was extremely limited 2 feet... I thought the gun looked good as it was so I removed the slide mech and installed a more productive pin mechanism. So now some stats of what this thing does and doesen't do.

KAP-40 by The Red Book of Westmarch
Removable Grip Magazine Pistol by Blue Mullet

Looks Great!
Handle Magazine.
Simple trigger mech
New ideas
10ft with one rubberband can easily add more. I think this gun has a potential of 30 ft.

A few of broken pieces (They were already broken anyway...)
Loading takes awhile
Slide action isn't working yet
Handle not super comfy but with more cut rods it can be.

Love the design but the concept is going to take more time and parts. I may just start over and make another one so I can keep and improve this one. Not sure if I will post this but if there is a demand I will after post it after I post the Competitor 1.2.

Thanks for checking and commenting!



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    Not bad

    Nice work ! i think that gun has potential! the overall gun looks great but like you said. the gun isn't comfy to hold. I think there might be a way of making it comfy without cutting pieces. Maybe i could make it's handle and adjust it if you want!

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    Well this gun uses broken pieces to begin with so what's a few more? I could have used less long rods in the handle that would have improved the comfort

    Well yes but i have never used a broken piece of k'nex on any my models but i believe there is always a way of making it without any broken pieces lol. The gun looks great though :D

    Good job! It looks great, and the way you did the handle is great! Good job combining my gun and BM's gun to your advantage. =D