Refracting Light Through Acrylic Using Laser Engraving

Ok I'm not sure if it's called refraction, diffraction , or scattering of light , I'm not a physicist .. but you got the idea . light propagate through the engraved paths along the acrylic sheet surface..

I thought its kinda interesting to post it here , so here is how did it go

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Step 1: Requirments

  • Transparent Acrylic material.
  • Laser cutter machine.
  • LED Lighting strips.

Step 2: Assenmble

The cube was designed for FABLAB Jubail so we added its logos and stuff

It was joined together in puzzle constructed cube , we used , it simplifies the design to one step after giving it the measurements you prefer for the box

then we installed LED strips to give an aesthetic appearance to the cube box.

The material used was transparent acrylic for the light to give the best result.

The engraved vectors will refract light coming from underneath to give the effect of Laser circuit or something similar , that how imagine Optical fiber inside its cables would look like when its transmitting data

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