"Reframing" Empty Parking Sign




About: Hi, I'm George Zisiadis. I'm a San Francisco based artist and designer. My unique projects playfully re-imagine people’s relationships to their environments and to themselves. When not creating, I do freel...

This is a quick and fun urban intervention that allows pedestrians to experience a literal “reframing” of public space. It simply and beautifully exemplifies the power of taking a new view on old things.

You too can beautify a disused sign in your neighborhood! 

To create this, I took measurements of the frame and bought a corresponding amount of moulding, cheaply available at any hardware store. I then used a chopsaw to cut the edges at 45 dregrees. Next, I used a staple gun to attach all of the corners. Finally I spray painted the whole thing gold. 

To attach to the metal frame i simply used some outdoor mounting tape and voila! 

-Staple Gun and Staples
-Gold Spray Paint
-Outdoor Mounting Tape



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    5 years ago

    Love this idea. Definitely gives a face lift to what was an eyesore :)

    inb4 illegal! LOL!

    Great idea! So many applications...Could be used on parking signs, etc.....