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Introduction: Refrigerator Shelf Extender

I have a large, 21 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer.  When I bought it, I thought it would be big enough for all my cooling needs.   I was wrong, as is the case most every time I have a "disagreement" with my wife.  I can never find an open patch of shelf on which to place so much as my favorite adult beverage.  Plenty of cubic feet, not enough square feet.  What to do, what to do?

And then, one night I stayed up way past my bed-time; the result of another of those "disagreements", no doubt.  The TV was providing background noise while I was browsing my favorite web site (, of course).  And then it happened.  Blessings were poured down on me from Heaven.  The stars aligned and fate smiled down on me.  All of the good deeds I have done and the good Karma I have earned in my past lives were repaid that night.  Who could have known that an infomercial for Extenze Male Enhancement could have such an impact?

That's right, Extenze.  Well, not the actual product, but the idea.  I am smarter than a little pill, and if a little pill can extend...well,, then surely I can extend the refrigerator shelves! 

And so, I am pleased to debut the world's first ever refrigerator shelf extender. 

Stay cool. Chindogu.

Aurthor's note: This was entered in the Chindogu Challenge.  Don't build this; it won't work!  The door cannot close.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    If that is a frost free fridge, you might actually disrupt the necessary air circulation with that thing. Sorry.