Registering on TS

Introduction: Registering on TS

So [HAHA] is moving to a new Teamspeak, here's a quick guide to get you started!

First get Teamspeak from:

Next head to the SYJ forums:

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Step 1: Find Temar's EVE API Settings

Next make sure you have an API added to the forums under 'Temar's EVE API'

If you haven't the follow the next step and add an API key to verify that you are actually a member of SYJ

Step 2: Add an API to the Forums

Now add an API to the forums and make sure it is set up correctly, you should see a page similar to that shown in the image

Step 3: Register for Teamspeak

Click on the 'Teamspeak' section of Temar's EVE API and do the following precisely:

  1. Select your main character from the drop-down menu
  2. Keep this page open in your browser!
  3. Now open Teamspeak and go to the next step

Step 4: Now Make Sure You Are Logged Into Teamspeak

Log into TS with the address '' no other infromation is needed

Set your nickname exactly as it is show on Temar's EVE API on the forums in the previous step that means remove all tags!

Now click register on Temar's EVE API

Done! One last step...

Click self > Change Nickname > Add your Corp tags!

Step 5: Add a Bookmark

Next save a bookmark and add a default channel if desired, enter a password if needed!

Step 6: (Optional) Enabling Push to Talk Key Suppression

To stop spamming chat like this ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Do this!

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