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Introduction: Regular Rubberband Knex Bow

About: I seem to like building crossbow shaped objects.

I said in my group that I will post this, so here it is.

I was fiddling around with my crossbow and came to this.
This is a normal bow that uses a chain of thick rubberbands, so it needed to be very sturdy and after i made it very sturdy, I believe it will even survive if you let it fall down the stairs.

I found that it was near impossible to let it shoot grey knex rods, so I chose for wooden or plastic arrows.

The camera works better in daylight :D
And is even better then on the pictures i posted :P

Step 1: Build the Inner Frame

You might be very familiar with this part if you made my crossbow.

Pic 1: Bottom halves of inner frame (dont forget to stick on the green rods :P)
Pic 2: Top halves of inner frame
Pic 3: Combined halves of inner frame

Step 2: Combining Inner Frame

This step can be very hard, you can make this however you want, as long it sturdy.

If you try mine then here are some pictures

Step 3: Making Bow Sturdier

pic 1: Just add the rods as shown in the pictures(Please use Yellow rods instead of the Red rods!)
pic 2:
pic 3: Add this to both sides
pic 4: Add all these damn pieces on the other side aswell, after that connect the green rods first, then see next pic
pic 5: Add the white rods including the grey connectors
pic 6: This is how it should look like by now
pic 7: You want 8 of those things
pic 8: Add them to the grey connectors on the front
pic 9: Put them on the back aswell
pic 10: Make these
pic 11: Make 4 of those
pic 12: Connect it together
pic 13: Take the yellow rods with wheels off and put the very thick rubberbands around them
pic 14: Stick them back in place

Step 4: Loading and Launching

Slide your arrows through the hole in the middle and then against the rubberband and pull it back.

Do not fire at siblings :P
And do not fire at living things either, cause if you use proper arrows you may injure them XD



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    60 Discussions

    a compound bow is the same size as this and a recurve/longbow would be alot larger

    do i need all those light grey connectors cas i only have enough to cover half of the lower arm

    1 reply

    You can use red or green connectors instead.

    PS: What a horrible camera I used, I am surprised you can build it =d

    if you have watched lord of the rings try making a elven bow out of knex or just make legolas's bow out of knex

    nice i have to go outside to get some arrows lol

    its a bit hard to build with those pics.. =\

    I thought of a way to make the arrows. super glue 2 gray rods together and sharpen the front of it. Just an idea.

    1 reply

    Never thought of that...I don't think the super glue will hold the arrow in one piece from what I have seen Knex bends alot when fired upon something using great force. I never have any super glue though :P

    Like it says on the intro, it does not fire knex, but you could try a long piece of thin round wood. I found one with a sharp point on it :P

    looks like it would also be affective just flailing it around at someone.

    1 reply

    It could be, but you can't move it quick since it weights alot lol Hmmz, that would it a ranged AND melee weapon :P Just look at this picture(it must be in this instructable somewhere), this would be even more effective :o(Just push all those red rods up) :D