Reindeer Cakes

Introduction: Reindeer Cakes

Reindeer Cakes are a perfect dessert to take to a Christmas Party. They are cute, fun, and easy. These cupcakes are a hit with small children and are fun for family baking. Reindeer cakes are a delicious and festive holiday treat your whole family can enjoy.

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Step 1: Ingredients

Cupcake ingredients include cupcake mix (any flavor) and other ingredients (oil, water, eggs, etc.). Cupcake ingredients will vary.

Decorative ingredients consist of chocolate icing, vanilla wafers, pretzels, cinnamon gems, baking cups, and candy eyeballs.

Step 2: Cupcake Mix

Use whatever cupcake mix you prefer. Follow directions located on the box. Depending on the cupcake mix, directions will vary. Mix ingredients thoroughly.

Step 3: Cupcake Pan

Once batter is mixed, pour equal amounts into a cupcake pan.

Step 4: Baking

Following the directions on the batter box, bake cupcakes for the appropriate time. Remove from oven when baked. Let the cupcakes cool before decorating.

Step 5: Decorative Ingredients

Gather the decorative ingredients to begin creating your reindeer cakes. You will need vanilla wafers, pretzels, eyeball candy, chocolate icing, and cinnamon gems (or a red m&m).

Step 6: Ice the Deer

Once the cupcakes have cooled, remove them from the pan. Then, begin to ice the cupcakes.

Step 7: Antlers and Face

Add two pretzels at the top of the cupcake to represent the antlers. Next, add a vanilla wafer at the bottom of the cupcake to represent the face.

Step 8: The Red Nose

Take a cinnamon gem and apply icing to a side. After icing the gem, place the nose on the vanilla wafer.

Step 9: Eyeballs and Finished Project

Finally, add two eyeball candies to the reindeer right above the vanilla wafer. Make sure to keep the eyeballs relatively close together.

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