Reindeer Jar




What you need

1. Glue gun

2.Empty glass jar

3.Red pompom

4.Black marker

5.Brown paint


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Step 1:

1. Take an empty jar and paint it with brown paint.

Step 2:

2. When it dries, cut 4 small circles out of the cardboard and colour them with the black marker

and then glue them with glue gun as eyes and feet. on the painted jar.

Step 3:

3. Then glue the red pompom on the jar as a nose.

Step 4:

4. Cut the antlers out of cardboard

and glue them on the top of the jar.

Step 5:

And that is how you make a reindeer jar, I hope you liked this DIY!

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    Looks nice. Do you have any pictures of the jar as you were making it.