Reindeer Marshmallow Pops

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Hey everybody! It's LolAshley, with yet another craft, and today I will be sharing this delicious yet adorable treat that is perfect for a small class of children on Christmas. I found a picture on Pinterest, and I decided to add my own twist to it. So I hope you enjoy and find the joy you crave through this cute, artsy Reindeer Marshmallow Pop! Enjoy

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need:

Marshmallows (Reindeer's body)

Red candy drops (The red nose)

Popsicle Sticks or Skewer sticks (This will hold the marshmallow)

White Glaze (This will be the 'glue'. I got the glaze from the doughnut box on the left.)

Pretrezels (These will be the antlers)

Candy eyes or white and black icing (These will be the eyes.)

Step 2: Starting the Body

Put the marshmallow on the skewer like a hammer. (Use picture for reference.)

Step 3: Making the Face

Now it is time for the face. Put a bit of glaze on the back of the red candy dot, and then put the red candy dot onto the center of the marshmallow pop. Next, add you candy eyes. I used different sized pupils because I thought it was cute. (I did drop one and decided to put the same sized pupils later) Or, if you are using the frosting, cut a very thin hole in a ziploc bag, put the white frosting in one, and size a small amount of while frosting on the marshmallow, right above the nose. Then, do the same thing with the ziploc bag for the black frosting, but this time add a small amount of black icing onto the center of the DRIED white icing.

Step 4: MMM... Antlers!

Add a bit of glaze onto your pretzels. You could use chocolate covered ones, but I just liked the look the normal (Unsalted) pretzels gave. Then, add one on the left side of the marshmallow, and one on the right side of marshmallow. I had tons of fun using some pretzel scraps and giving Rudolph (My name for it) different mouths. I settled for no mouth, but it was still fun the chew the pretzels into small pieces.

I hope you enjoyed this Instructable! I had tons of fun making it, and I hope you had fun too! This is perfect for children on Christmas morning! Hey, I would love to wake up on Christmas morning with a tree with tons of presents under it, and some sweet treats to give me energy to play with my new toys! If you do do this, put a picture in the comments! Since it is relatively easy, I expect to see a lot! Have a great Holiday season! :D

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    Thanks LoomPiggy! And yes, I was working on it in class today, but I had to stop somewhere for a few hours to do some things. :D I am glad you like it! :3