Reinforced Attachment Ring

Introduction: Reinforced Attachment Ring

I bought a filtered water bottle for hiking (called tramping here in New Zealand).  It's a really good bottle with a really crappy plastic attachment ring.  It was obvious it wouldn't last long.  To protect it and make it last I used fuse wire as "armour" against wear and tear.
Does it work?  Well I've used it for over a year now and it shows no sign of breaking.
It occurred to me that this technique could be used in many other situations so I thought I'd share it as an Instructable.

Step 1: What You Need

1. A ring or attachment point that needs protection
2. Fuse wire or other thin gauge wire.  I used the 10 Amp wire for this job

Step 2: How To...

Simply thread the wire through the hole and around the ring.  Keep the loops close together so that the plastic underneath won't come in contact with the carabiner or rope or whatever else you use with it.
When done, tie the wire off so it won't unravel with use.  Watch the ends so it doesn't poke you or snag the rope if that's what you use through the ring.
The finished product is what you see on the first page of the Instructable.

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