Reinforced Elfy Glue




Introduction: Reinforced Elfy Glue

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I am sharing this instructable with you guys because once someone else shared it with me. It is about glue and bonding stuff. So i have reinforced glue (chemical name: Cyanoacrylate) with the sponge that comes in the bottom of an ordinary cigarrette (Message from my country's government, CIGARETTE IS INJURIOUS FOR HEALTH) and the results are mind blowing, i mean you get a very hard and tough joint between anything that you want to join. I give an invitation to those who would research on the strength of such a joint.

Step 1: Things Required

For this inscrutable, you will need:

  1. A good quality glue with formula listed in introduction.
  2. Cigarette (Unsmoked or smoked, both will work the same).
  3. And anything BROKEN.

Step 2: Getting Things Ready...

  1. Make a hole in the glue bottle with the help of a paper pin.
  2. Break off the filter from the cigarette.
  3. Remove the paper around the filter of cigarette.
  4. Adjust the shape of filter according to the need of your joint.

Step 3: Applying the Glue

  1. Put the sponge on the joint.
  2. Apply the glue over the joint.
  3. NOTE: Use safety goggles because the glue and sponge will generate fumes.
  4. Now wait for a while so the fumes settle down and so the joint is repaired.



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    congratulations, you've made fiberglass : )

    I learned this trick in Thailand from my auto mechanic. ..He uses cotton wadding (cotton Ball)

    Seems to work as well... he needed to repair a lot of the plastic post and other interior parts of my car

    This is called a filter and it is better not to use a used one as the oils and tars will affect the ability of the glue to stick.

    2 replies

    Thanks for correction because i didn't knew the exact name of filter so i made it up to be "cigarette sponge". And also i have made joints with used cigarette filter which work quite well.

    many of those filters are made out of cellulose acetate a type of plastic.which is probably why is binds so well chemically with the super glue.