Relaxation in a Jar

Because I am a mason jar collecting junkie and a believer of homemade gifts... I bring you, Relaxation In A Jar!

This is SUPER simple to make and the receiver of your adorable, thoughtful gift will love you. You don`t have to replicate the exact items that I used, it might depend on what you have available and or your budget. Get creative!

What I included:
-Travel size body wash
-Travel size bubble bath (I couldn`t find this in the travel toiletries section so I just bought travel sized empty bottles and filled them with bubble bath soap and labeled the container)
-2 Epson salt pouches (poured bath salt into pillow envelopes which you can either buy at a craft store or make them like I did, see template below and either print it off or just trace from the computer screen)
-3 scented tealight candles 

Other possible items to include:
-Inflatable bath pillow
-Bath oils

I wrapped the jar in beige tissue paper and tied it up with a piece of yarn. Most importantly: make sure your cat inspects your wrapping when you`re done.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Does "Epson" salt come in CMYK? =P
    Seriously, this is a cute idea.