Relaxing Ice Bottle




Introduction: Relaxing Ice Bottle

Try the most delisious drink in the world

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Step 1: Materials:

-a circle tube
-a bottle
-fruits you like
-a big round circle plate

Step 2: Bottom Part

Pour the water in the red tube, freeze it

Step 3: Body Part

Freeze the body part but leave a hole in the middle

Step 4: Fruit

Wash the fruit to decorate the plate

Step 5: How to Take the Bottle Out of the Ice

Pour warm water in the bottle, leave it for around one minute

Step 6: Get Ice Out

Pour warm water on the tube

Step 7: Decorate

Use the fruit to decorate up

Step 8: Pour

Pour some juice or beer in the ice bottle

Step 9: Let's Eat

You have made it now you can eat it

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    2 years ago

    That's a cool idea! :)