Reliable Patio Firepit and Grill for Grillin and Chillin!

So I bought a el cheapo firepit from the store, and it very quickly rusted and disintegrated.

I decided to save the base... because it was the only thing that stood up to the elements of that POS firepit.  

Well, today that base found it's new calling!  I took the legs off my old weber charcoal grill, and put it in the base of the old firepit and BAM!  a reliable firepit that wont rust away -- because Webers last forever!

The height is perfect for sitting around it with you buddies in the patio chairs and cooking MEAT!

Possible future upgrades.... integrated cupholders or figure out a way to make a table ring around it to set stuff on while your grilling.  maybe to hold skewers or something in front of you.


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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. So far, just a grill with charcoal, but my intention will be to use wood as well. It's summer here in VA so we stay pretty warm as is at the moment.

    The idea came along because I wanted to have friends over for grilling, but wanted to turn the actual grilling part into a more social thing. It worked; we had a good time.