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Introduction: Reliced Paper

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This was just some common printer paper that i tarnished.

I started out with finding a suiting font on
Then i printed it on to the paper in max DPI.
After that i burned the sides with a candlelight. (to get a black edge you need to stop the fire with your fingers)

I then placed the paper in a big metal tray, and poured coffee on it so it was completely covered. (you can also use tea or wine for different effects)
The paper soaked the coffee for about 30 minutes.
I poured the coffee into the sink and used a hairdryer on the paper until it was dry.

I dripped some drops of water and oil on the paper and dried it,.

I then put the paper inside a pile of dirt and used a paper towel to rub the dirt into the paper.
To get spidersweb on the paper, i walked around the house and touched the web with the paper to make it stick to it.

Then it was done :)

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    4 years ago

    Try water as opposed to your finger. If you take a thin paintbrush and run a thin coat where you want your border to be, than the fire will stop there. Usually, the water leaves no mark on the paper, but if it does it just makes it look older anyway.