Relief Press

I did research for pressing relief into paper. This instructable contains a small fraction of my research. I 3D printed a press to press a relief into paper and this is what came out.

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Step 1: Sketch-up

First I made the press with Google Sketchup. The shape looks very easy and quick made, but the press has exactly the right with and height to press relief into paper without tearing it.

Step 2: Settings

After finishing the designing the file is exported to a .stl file for the 3d printer.
The .stl file was then opened with Cura, a program to send files to the Ultimaker 3d printer and to change the print settings.
These are the settings I used:

Step 3: Printing

I used a thicker line, because the press had a very simple shape without much details.
The first time I forgot to close the downside of the press, so the printer didn't recognize the mid section of the press. I Modified the file and gave it another go. This time it all went right!

Because of the thickens of the line, it became very rough, not that it mattters, You won't see it in the relief pressed in paper! 

Step 4: .STL

And here's the .STL file of the press.


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