ReliefRep V.2

Introduction: ReliefRep V.2

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Here pictured is the second version of my large-format RepRap-oriented, Arduino-based, 3D printer, paintstruder, and plotter built from scratch in 2016. Printable / plottable area is almost 3 feet. Printable Z-height is around an inch, so while having X/Y dimensions similar to a BigRep, its Z is relief-sculptural, hence "ReliefRep". 80/20 aluminum extrusion is used for the frame and all connective parts were 3D printed on my other bots. The whole printer mounts to a tabletop or workbench. A 1/4 inch sheet of glass serves as the printbed. Disclaimer: this Instructable isn't so much a step-by-step "how-to" as it is an example of make-shift making meant to inspire similar strategies.

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Step 1: Electronics and Y-axis

Power supply, RepRap Arduino MEGA Pololu Shield (RAMPS), Y-axis motor and shaft system.

Step 2: Lo-Fi Cable Management Part 1

Lo-fi cable management with clips and string.

Step 3: Lo-Fi Cable Management Part 2

Lo-fi cable management showing strings and hooks.

Step 4: Right Side

Right side of X-axis gantry upon which is seen the X-axis belt idler, 3D printed 608 bearing clips, and Y-belt attachments. 3D printed corner bracket hosts the Y-axis belt idler. Z-axis manual height adjustment knob (red arrow).

Step 5: Left Side

X-axis motor can be seen here on the X-axis gantry. Electronics upper left. Some cabling. X-axis carriage (details next step).

Step 6: X-Axis Carriage

The new X-axis carriage includes all the Z-axis lifting hardware: 8mm smooth rod, 8mm threaded rod leadscrew, 8mm linear bearings, and the Z-axis motor is affixed underneath the carriage. The direct-drive extruder system can be seen sandwiched around a Z-axis lifting plate. An E3D Volcano hot-end mounts beneath.

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