Relive the Internet of the 1980s - Early 90s

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Have you ever wanted to know how the Internet looked like back in the 1980s? Or do you want to relive the time of BBSes? Or maybe you're making a report on the time, and want a hands-on experience to help.
If yes to any of these, then Telehack might be for you.

Step 1 -  Loading the Interface
Start telnet.
Click Start -> Run or press win + R. (win = windows symbol key)
*See second image*
In the run window, type in cmd and press enter.
The command prompt window should now open.

Step 2 - Enabling Telnet
Here's a quick history lesson: telnet is used to connect to remote computers.
So now we have a command prompt window. In it, type 'telnet' and press enter.
If you get something like the 3rd image, then you can move to step 3. Otherwise, if you get an "unrecognized command" error message, continue.
Windows 7 and Vista come with telnet disabled by default (this is a security issue; with telnet anyone can run/delete/upload/view anything - including e-mail, passwords, viruses, or deleting other things like the C:/ drive [yes, that's very possible!])
What is said above is true, however you are only at risk if you run a telnet server, not a client.

To enable telnet , go to Start -> Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs And Features -> Turn Windows features on or off (should be on the sidebar)
You will need administrator privileges to change here.
It may take a long time to load. Just wait. Once there, scroll down until you find 'Telnet Client'. Check it and click Ok.
*See 4th Image*
Now you can use telnet.

Step 3 - Telehack
Back at the command prompt, type in 'Telnet' and press enter.
If you have telnet enabled, you will be greeted with a page similiar to image 1.
If you want to learn how to play, type in 'telehack.txt'.

It may seem boring in the beginning, but there is really a lot to it.
If you would like to access it another way, simply point your web browser to (you must have javascript enabled.)
Happy telehacking!



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    9 Discussions


    Reply 2 years ago

    you probably have to enable telnet. look it up online


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    it did the same thing to me. try typing 'o' that worked for me.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    122boy, you need to enable telnet first. Look at step 1 & step 2.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for liking it. Tell me your username if you have one on telehack; I can give you a tip or two.