Remaking Nightstand Top




Introduction: Remaking Nightstand Top

Few months ago I made nightstand from pallets, I tried to make interesting top for it, but it turned out not what I was expecting! I glued small wooden pieces on plywood base, but there was a too big spaces between wooden pieces and I decided to fill spaces with glue mixed with fine dust, when it dried up it became really ugly, so here is how I fixed it!

Step 1: Remove Bad Looking Glue!

I used a wood router to cut out bad looking glue! Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of routing process, but here is how it looks like when it's done..

Step 2: Fill Routed Holes

I cut out a plywood pieces to fill in holes where the bad looking glue was! For cutting I used a jigsaw and becouse jigsaw cutting is ruff cutting I decided to cut plywood bigger than it should be so I can sand down the ripped edges! When it's sanded until it fits, it's time to glue everything in!

Step 3: Sanding, Sanding, Sanding..

I don't have a belt sander I used a drill with sanding disk which I bought in local hardware store, it makes a quick sanding and also a lot of fine dust so you should use some protection against breathing in some dusts.. I finished sanding with orbital sanding machine!

Step 4: Finishing!

I sprayed nightstand top with varnish and now it's ready to go... I think now it looks much better!
Thanks for checking out my very first instructable!

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    4 years ago

    Wow! It really looks great! Nice fix!


    4 years ago

    The remake looks fantastic. Great job.