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About: I'm a girly girl that's remarkable different and am currently obsessed with finding ways to 1) be glamorous in a sustainable and eco-friendly way 2) creatively repurpose everyday items like cardboard, plast...

Dear Viewer,

First off I want to express how this contest has really inspired me (much of it to up my game!). I've certainly entered contests before...even won a couple. However this opportunity to benefit from this particular contest from this particular benefactor inspired me to do my homework to really get down to the roots of the company that Jack Daniel (or "Uncle Jack" as he's affectionately known) built and infused with the spirit of Independence and uncompromising quality. So I dug deep, read his story, and took a lot of notes. Ultimately I wanted to get to know the soul of this great entreprenuer and were he alive today understand why he may assist me in developing my own independence.  

I also wanted to express that when it comes right down to it - I don't want to create a widget, or a product, or even a business - My dream of Independence involves starting a project that may become the foundation for a remarkable enterprise allowing me and my team to be INTERdependent. So we may then support and even inspire our own friends, family, and community's towards Independence.

This enterprise would be something akin to a pollination of the Independent Spirit (as opposed to being viral - as all the marketers and trendspotters like to call the spread of ideas). Allowing awesome ideas to spread so they can take root to flower and grow into something that benefits all involved - from producer to spectator alike. Thusly Independence flowering into Interdependence - the ultimate goal. 

While my focus would be womenkind of course (since I am one and have considerable feminine strengths) I also realize the girls
and women I may inspire to develope their own independence will naturally go on to inspire and support that of their partners
and families. I know it's an awesome place to start since I speak from experience. 

That's my dream and my passion - I've already begun and I've got lots of experience producing both good content online and
offline - but the generous investment would of course take myself and this project to Remarkable heights! So I'm thankful for the chance to show my stuff and appreciate you taking a gander at this grand idea.

Sincerely Apryl

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