Reminder Lights

Introduction: Reminder Lights

These reminder lights are really helpful if you're constantly forgetting what you're supposed to do, and help with those late night panics.

** Have a watch of the video to see them in action :)**

You will need:

  • Some 3mm thick mount board
  • Some battery powered string LED lights (You can pick these up really cheap)
  • Some 3mm copper rod or wood dowel etc if you prefer)
  • Scissors
  • Superglue
  • Craft knife
  • Paper

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Step 1: Make the Box

So the first thing you need to do is make the card box. The stand box doubles as a case that holds all the components together when you don't have anything you need to remember!

For this, I used mount board (3mm thick card) and cut out these 5 pieces for the lid. You will need to evenly space 3 small 3mm holes along the top of the box.

I then put glue along the edges of each piece and attached them together to create a sturdy lid.

You will now need to make sure the other half of the box fits within the other, so take off approx 4mm from the measurements of the first pieces and glue these together.

You should now have the two halves of the box.

Step 2: Cut the Rod to Length

Now you will need to cut the copper rod to length (you can use another type of rod, or even wooden dowel or cane if you prefer)

I cut the rod to 300mm in length, but if you prefer longer stalks feel free to do this - just make sure that the wire from the battery LED's reaches to the tip.

Step 3: Thread the Led Lights

Now you will need to thread the LED lights through the holes in the lid of the box.

Put the battery pack into the box and thread the first few lights through the hole.

Close the lid then continue slowly pulling the LED lights through.

Step 4: Insert the Rods

Next, insert the rods into the holes and wrap the LED lights around the tip of the rod to make a glowing ball of light!

Step 5: Make the Origami Balloons

Then, you need to make the origami balloons. Some of you might know how to do this already, and there are lots of tutorials floating around, but I found this one really helpful - :)

Step 6: Write Down Your Reminders!

Now, all you need to do is write down anything you need to remember on the front of the paper balloons and switch on the lights so you don't forget!

Remember. once you've done the task, just scrunch it up and throw it away! :)

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