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I'm a fledgling cheesemaker, as some of you know from my Cheese Cave Instructable: How to Convert a Mini Wine Cooler into a Countertop Cheese Cave. What I was missing from making my cheesemaking efforts complete however, was an inexpensive and reliable cheese press. Enter this Instructable from spike3579 entitled A Simple and Inexpensive Cheese Press. It seemed simple yet ingenious, and I was inspired to try to make one myself.

I simply didn't have the hardwoods available that he did in order to make my own precisely as he did. In addition, I wanted to be able easily sterilize the press and its components using the sterilize setting of my dishwasher. Doing this with any porous material would be tricky.

Step 1: Inspiration Strikes!

Fortunately, I had some of these Polyethylene cutting boards from Stanton Trading (linked to item on Amazon) over from another project. I simply followed the excellent instructions provided in the original Instructable, substituting double layers of cutting board for the wood pieces and voila! "I Made It!" I couldn't wait to comment with a picture.

Step 2: Afterword

I have made approximately five full wheels of cheese (2-3lbs each) using this cheese press, and I must say, it works amazingly well with all my cheese molds. Best of all, I can fully disassemble it and sterilize it in my dishwasher between uses, which helps out immensely when making cheese.



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    4 years ago on Introduction


    May I ask about the length, width and thikness of the spring, did you buy them online?.. maybe you can post a link.

    Thank You

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    I have since upgraded to these: