Remodeled Workbench




Introduction: Remodeled Workbench

Step 1: Acquire Workbench

I got this workbench at goodwill for $35! All of the guys walking around in carharts were sure jealous of me. My wife thought it was just another old and dirty tool chest. I guess she just didn't see the underlying beauty of it.

Step 2: Clean It Up!

I removed the bench from the cart it was on and sanded it down an got rid of all the cob webs and dust.

Step 3: Get Supplies

I went to the local reclaimed hardware store and bought a bunch of used snap-together wood flooring. I also got some old hinges and a latch. Total was $30.

Step 4: Attach the Top and Base

I took measurements of the top and the base and snapped the wood together to fit. Then I put some wood glue down to hold them together. Then I built a door with the leftover pieces and attached it with the hinges.

Step 5: Paint

Then I got a can of flat black paint and just painted over all of the old paint. Then I screwed the top back on to the base and presto! I now have an awesome workbench and tool storage cart for about $70 and a couple of hours of work.

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    1 year ago

    I bought the same dang bench at a garage sale! Mine was $40 but the door/shelf side was intact. I'm hoping to make it into some sort of a out-feed table for my little table saw, but its been stilling in the garage for 2 years without being modified. I use it all the time, but need to figure out how to get rid of the metal rattle sound when working on it. Maybe I'll make an instructable on the restoration, you inspired me!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea using flooring! My only suggestion would be to add some edge trim to the top and base as a finishing touch.