Remote Engine Block Heater




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I know from experience my surplus army truck isn't a fan of cold weather starting.  It is already equipped with (but not currently functional) an automatic either starting assist.  Not a fan of that, never have been.  Also the system leaks some so even without use the canisters only make it a month or two and they are expensive.  The solution was a engine block heater.  I used the one I had but the instructions will be about the same for any remote type hose heater.  Remote heaters are not as efficient as in block heaters and so tend to be larger.  Mine is marginal for the size of the application.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    could try using a chiller , that uses liquid nigogen (that liquid gas) stupid spell check.

    Sorry waiting for some cold weather to give it a real test but heater seems to work fine, or rather no worse than before given that the whole top of the truck is a canvas tarp.