Remote Check Deposit Rig (LEGO)

Introduction: Remote Check Deposit Rig (LEGO)

The ability to deposit checks with your phone has eliminated the need to go to the bank or ATM for deposits. However, I often have to do retakes because camera shake makes the photos blurry. It is even more frustrating when you are trying to deposit multiple checks.

Recently when attempting to deposit several checks I ran upstairs, grabbed a bunch of LEGO bricks and created a jig to speed the process along. The most time consuming part of this project was getting the LEGO bricks.

Step 1: Parts

  • Smart Phone
  • Bank App with remote deposit capabilities
  • A check to deposit
  • 60-66 2x4 LEGO Bricks (or equivalent For example, 2 1x4 can be used as a 2x4).
    • Actual count depends on height needed to get the check visible in the your bank's app
  • 2 2x6 LEGO Bricks
  • A couple of 2x4 LEGO Plates or equivalent for fine adjustments

Step 2: Platform

The platform will hold the check and the tower.

  1. Lay out 2 rows of 14 2x4 bricks lengthwise (see green bricks in photos)
  2. Build a second layer of 13 bricks on top of the first
    • Start the second layer at a 2 peg offset
    • Add the 13th brick across the 2 rows on the 1st layer to join themT

Step 3: Build the Tower

The tower creates the space between the phone and the platform / check
  • Place 2 bricks the width of 1 LEGO peg row apart
  • Attach 2 bricks perpendicular to the first 2 and offset as shown
  • Attach 2 bricks the width of 1 LEGO peg row apart perpendicular to the last
  • Attach 2 bricks perpendicular to the last but reverse the offset from step 2
    • This set up of the rows with gap and switching offsets allows for a wider and sturdier tower
  • Repeat steps 3-6 until you are at the desired height (Mine is 13 rows high)

Once complete you may need to add or remove a layer or 2 in the tower based on how the check fits in the app.

Step 4: Phone Holder

The phone holder, obviously by its name, holds the phone. It should work with most phones. Larger phones like the Samsung Note may require a larger holder (or even a larger jig) following the same basic patterns.

  • Using 4 2x4 bricks create a 4x8 base by placing 2 brick horizontally with 2 vertical bricks acting as bookends,
  • For the next row, attach 4 2x4 bricks horizontally as shown in the picture
  • Attach a 2x4 across the back of the block creared in steps 1 & 2 above
  • Attach the 2 2x6 bricks perpendicular to the end piece
  • Try your phone and see if it fits in the gap
    • If not (like mine) remove the 2x6s, put a level of plates on the end piece, and reattach the 2x6s
    • Try your phone.
    • Repeat adjustment as needed

Step 5: Put It All Together Now

  • Attach the tower to the platform
  • Attach the phone holder to the tower
  • Place your check on the platform
  • Put your phone in the phone holder
    • If the check is too big in the app then add a row to the tower
    • If the check is too small in the app then remove a row
  • Now that your alignment is right, deposit your check

There you have it. A LEGO Remote Check Deposit Rig in only a couple of minutes.

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    6 years ago

    Soon this planet will be entirely Lego. Everything is awesome!!!!

    This is great, I've tried to use the remote check deposit feature that my bank has, but I've never gotten it to work :/ Maybe I need to try something like this!