Remote Control Ac Switch (using Broken ,and Misordered, Stuff)




Introduction: Remote Control Ac Switch (using Broken ,and Misordered, Stuff)

so... i ordered a part off amazon for my 3d printer and ordered the wrong part. I now have a dc to ac solid state relay. (I meant to order a dc to dc)

instead of throwing it away or returning it (which cost more in shipping) i decided to make something with it.

here are my adventures that you can follow along

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Step 1: Gather Supplys

did you know that a digital camera does not work if there is no memory card? neither did I!

so i missed the first 2 pictures so you will just have to use these and your imagination.

here is what you need:

a junction/remodel box

a dc to ac solid state relay (the only thing I bought)

a power cable

an rc car and remote




soldering iron (wire cutters will also do the job)

Step 2: Deconstruct Your Rc Car

you can sorta see it in this picture, just get rid of everything that is not a circuit board, battery pack, and lead wires

Step 3: Mount the Car and Relay in the Box

I chose the right side so the antenna could stick out the side and so the switch would have easy access to the side.

Using a dremel I made a hole for the original car's switch and bolted it in place. you could do less just by cutting a hole where the switch is already mounted on the body of the car.

I also decided to mount the car in the box using hot glue and i'll just rip it out to change the batteries. There are options here to mount an external power source or putting a power supply in the box to power the receiver using the ac current

Now (also using hot glue) I mounted the relay under where the outlet will go and connected the forward/backward wires

Now would be a good time to power on the car and make sure the light on the relay lights up when you move the controls on the remote

Step 4: Wire the Power in and Outlet

connect the positive of the cord to the positive on the outlet and the ground to the ground. After that put the relay between the negative of the cord and the negative of the outlet

Idiot note: do not have the cord plugged in while wiring it (use a fork to remove it from the wall)

Step 5: Close It All Up

I covered it all using a plate that was for an outlet and a switch. optimally there would be an outlet-nothing cover so it would look a lot nicer but I used what was lying around

Step 6: Test

make sure it works. after plugging it in and not blowing a fuse start small with a night light just to make sure everything works.

now... all I need to do is find a use for this monstrosity (comment ideas)

i may give it to a friend who has a wood shop for him to use as a central air cleaner controller

Step 7: (maybe) Coming Soon

something that would look really cool is a remote mounted in a remodel box that is controlled by a ordinary light switch instead of the controller.

alas, I do not feel like fitting this giant controller into a tiny box and will wait for a cheap 49mhz car with a smaller remote to finish this part.

thanks for reading and happy hacking

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    3 years ago

    Sorry about the memory card incident. Luckily it was only two photos!!