Remote Control Robot Jet Car - Leaf Blower


Introduction: Remote Control Robot Jet Car - Leaf Blower

About: I enjoy tinkering life. Most of my videos come from a place of necessity. I have have no idea what comes next - we will have to wait to see.

Have you ever looked at a cordless leaf blower and wondered if it would fly? Unfortunately for my wife I do!!!

Step 1: Buy a EGO Blower and Tear It to Pieces

Well it is a bunch of fun to check out what makes this thing is the inside of the brushless motor. Add some RC gear and off you go. Check out the video (includes huge crashes)



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    Fun stuff! Any details on how you made it? I'm wondering specifically about the steering mechanism you came up with. Tail wheel?

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    Sure. I just put the video together yesterday and wanted to share it. I will continue to add more detail here so that others can build.