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I have a remote TV from our cable company that is about 10 yrs old. We also have a newer remote from the same company. I noticed that one is weak and you must aim the remote at the TV or cable box for it to work. The newer one seems to work a lot better.

I started think about it and figured out the Infrared LED was the problem. Being older they just did not have the output like todays ultrabrite LEDs. I went to Ebay and found these high power 5mm diameter (same as the one in my remote) for .$ 2.85 for 10, I ordered them. ir high power LED


You can see from the pictures my remote and the new IR, LED.

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Step 1: The LED Replacement.

I opened the battery door and removed the batteries. Then, not seeing and screws I carefully pried the case open so i could get to the LED. Picture 1 above

All LEDs are marked + / - or anode and cathode. I is very important to know the LED has a flat spot in the lens. That marks the Cathode. My remote circuit board had markings on it. picture 2 above.

I used solder braid to remove the solder from the old LED as seen in picture 3 above.

Picture 4 shows the new LED soldered in and the old one on the table next to it.

Because LEDs emit the light in a cone pattern I decided to leave the new one a little longer so it would not be blocked by being recessed in the case. that can be seen by comparing the original and the new one in pic 2 and 4.

i carefully aligned the keypad and case a snapped it back together. The last picture shows it sticking out a little bit but not too far to get damaged.

I put batteries back in now i can even point it at the wall away from the TV and it works perfectly.

Thats it.

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    2 years ago

    Sounds good. I have a very old irreplaceable remote that is powered by a 9 volt battery. Which type red bulb should I use?

    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    it it not a bulb or red, it is an infrared LED.


    Reply 2 years ago

    I put in simple language so simple people would understand.


    3 years ago

    Good stuff. Easy fix and, yes, it works much better.