Remote Controlled Curtain



Opening and closing of curtain make a person tired. As if are sitting far from curtain and we want to open/close the curtain, then it will be boring working to stand up go there and open/close curtain. So automatic curtain allows the person to control the curtain from far by remote button or mobile.


Step 1: Parts

You will need the following Parts to built these Curtains:-

1. Arduino Board

2. Motor Driver Shield / Relay Module (For big DC Motor)

3. DC Motor.

4. SIRC Remote Control

5. IR Receiver Module

You can Buy these Parts from HERE !

Step 2: Remote Control

For Accepting the Commands from the Remote And giving it to Arduino. Please Refer to my Previous Instructable SIRC Remote Control.

Step 3: Arrangement & Connections

Here I have to make special Arrangement of the Curtain for making the Model for display, but actually you just need to Connect the shaft of the Curtain directly with the DC motor for Rotation.

Connect the Terminals of the DC Motor to the Output pins of the Motor driver or to the output pins of the Relay Module.

Connect the Input pins of the Motor driver Module to the Digital pins 7 & 8 of Arduino Board.

Step 4: Code

The Curtain will Rise or Fall depends upon the direction of rotation of DC Motor. That Direction we are actually controlling from Remote Control.



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